H&M Move

However You Move ft. RAYE

Fashion, meet sport.



An ever-moving generation.

H&M Move provides functional, fashionable activewear for the many, in a more sustainable way. The latest collection is made for, and inspired by, the lifestyle of a new, paradoxical and versatile generation that is ever-moving. Exercise is one part of this generation’s life, but movement is a constant. They go out in gym clothes. And they go to the gym in make-up and jewellery.


Blending high fashion with high performance.

Make-up, meet sweat. Nails, meet weights. Fashion, meet sport. For the launch of the new collection, H&M Move teamed up with pop icon RAYE to blur the lines between fashion and sport. Confident, elegant and extravagant, a suite of pulse-raising films are set to RAYE’s song Escapism. Each was shot on analogue film, creating a visual blur effect as RAYE and her friends move in their own personal, powerful and stylish way.

Alongside RAYE is long-standing brand ambassador Zlatan Ibrahimović. While showing the breadth and versatility of the collection, he also proves that style goes hand in hand with moving confidently.

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A further set of short films that show RAYE and Zlatan playfully pushing each other in the gym extended the collection onto social channels. In an industry so often focused solely on performance, the authentic and lighthearted touch was embraced by a new generation of movers globally.

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For the ShapeMove capsule collection, RAYE improvised a choreography on her own. She freely moves across a vast open space to the beat of her song Escapism, and becomes the embodiment of the brand statement: However You Move.


RAYE’s confidence spanned retail, digital, out of home placements and social across over 70 markets.


Fashion and sport in sweaty harmony.

H&M Move is introduced to a new generation of movers through musical phenomenon RAYE, blurring the lines between fashion and sport, while staying authentic to both worlds. Because a drop of sweat doesn’t care how it’s born.