Oakley It’s OK

In the name of obsession.

Oakley It's OK


Whether you are a professional or everyday athlete, Oakley understand that the road to success is long, hard-won and riddled with sacrifice.

The committed put everything else to the wayside in the name of their sport – and vindicating this obsession is at the core of Oakley’s DNA.

Oakley It's OK
Oakley It's OK
Oakley It's OK


To get to the heart of committed athletes everywhere, It’s OK is an ode to the obsessed.

A series of intimate vignettes based on real insights and stories celebrates authentic moments along the journey of an impassioned sportsperson, enabling them to connect through the extremes they endure.

An original song accompanies the pinnacle film featuring pro athletes Chloe Kim, Mark Cavendish, Bubba Watson, and Mikaela Shiffrin, revealing the personal sacrifices made in pursuit of mastery. The activity gets to the heart of commitment, reassuring us that in the name of athletic infatuation, it’s OK.


It’s OK attracted over 40 million online video views, and fuelled dialogue amongst professional and everyday athletes alike – connecting through the real moments of their journey.

The lyrics written for the original soundtrack resonated so highly with audiences, Oakley later released the song on Spotify.

The film made waves online with over 103 million social interactions, plus headlines across a variety of international digital and print publications.

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