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An immersive frontier beyond the world of traditional beauty.

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Next-gen beauty consumers demand brands they engage with to be both innovative and responsible.

Although the beauty industry has demonstrated massive shifts towards more natural, organic, and environmentally friendly products and processes, consumers still question what actions large companies are taking to do good in the world today. As a consequence, it’s difficult to know how to bring Responsible Beauty practices into our daily routines.

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Enable anyone to become an agent of change and a positive force for beauty in the world.

The tenets of Responsible Beauty have the potential to elicit interaction, start a conversation, and most importantly, spark action. Every time you enter P&G’s Beautysphere you’ll see first-hand what the latest innovation in Responsible Beauty looks like and how you can make an instant, tangible impact on our planet.

Exploring the Beautysphere presents the opportunity to become an agent of change, both in the virtual space and in the real world. By doing so, you’ll become better educated on the issues that Responsible Beauty advocates for: quality, safety, sustainability, transparency, and equality and inclusion.


Anyone. Anytime. Every visit to Beautysphere can make a change.

This immersive experience, launched during the week of CES 2022, is more than just a place to see or a place to be — it’s a place to become. It’s a place where anyone can help enact change so that P&G Beauty can better understand how customers want to interact, guiding how the company advances initiatives across its business.