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Phantom Tempus

Discover a new dimension.

RR Tempus Hero


Phantom Tempus is a world of its own, where external pressure and time are placed on hold. In this space, owners are masters of their universe, defining their own terms.

Rolls-Royce’s newest collection car draws inspiration from pulsar stars: formidable, magnetic forces controlling all within their orbit. A pulsar star’s qualities mirror those of both Phantom and Rolls-Royce’s ultra high-net-worth audience — rare individuals at the height of their powers.


Transport audiences into the Phantom Tempus Dimension: an immersive and digital 360° experience built in celebration of the limited-edition car.

With Covid-19 restrictions limiting dealership appointments and travel, a digital focus addresses two key elements: an alternative for in-person viewings and a needed dose of escapism under lockdown.

In response, Rolls-Royce has unveiled the Phantom Tempus Dimension. This fully realised environment offers an introduction and tour of the car. Discoverable hotspots highlight key features and a narrator reveals the car’s design inspiration. In place of the static sequencing traditionally found in 360° experiences, visitors self-direct the journey, deciding when and where to explore next.

Delivering the Phantom Tempus Dimension involved 8K renders and 360°-specific photography techniques, including digitally stitching together the car’s angles for a complete picture and projecting the environment onto the car’s surface for accurate reflections.

Beyond the conception, production, and delivery of the Phantom Tempus Dimension, the car is celebrated with a new product site page, social media and press.

The creative execution for Phantom Tempus was another eloquent solution of digital story-telling. AKQA proposed the use of 360 technology, weaving the narrative seamlessly through the website, resulting in record engagement and attention to the launch.

Peter Beadle, Brand Communications Manager


The Phantom Tempus Dimension is the first 360° experience presented by Rolls-Royce, marking a new chapter and opening the door on experimental digital experiences and virtual world-building.

It also steers Rolls-Royce towards a new era of strategic thinking, where content is created specifically for its platform in place of being leveraged across channels.

All 20 of the limited collection cars are sold, and a surplus of interest is drawn from the top 1% of owners: the most valuable subset of Rolls-Royce’s audience.