The future begins in Miro

Celebrating the optimism of innovation.


We need to innovate the way we innovate.

Our way of working has changed, and so should our workspace. How do we go from just talking to collaborating, when deadlines get shorter and distances longer? When great ideas risk getting lost in bad connections?


Enter with a dream. Exit with the next big thing.

In the spirit of collaboration, AKQA and Miro embarked on a journey of curious exploration. What does a space of seamless ideation look like?

The answer lies within the new visual identity: a design that celebrates the power and optimism of true innovation. A portal through which the imaginable becomes reality, the intangible becomes tangible, and the abstract becomes concrete.

Where you don’t just talk together, but work together. Synthesise information, develop strategy, and design and build the future. A place where a shared dream becomes a workstream that turns into the next big thing.

Visual Identity

A portal to the future.

To symbolise transformation and exploration, the M and other product shapes have become visual portals into the future. This new brand element allows Miro to communicate its ambition – helping teams bring ideas from their notebooks to the history books.

Our collaboration with AKQA on our rebranding represents an evolution of our commitment to foster an environment where visionaries can transform their most audacious imaginings into reality. We couldn’t be more excited to share this journey with the trailblazers who make Miro their innovation hub.

Paul D’Arcy, Chief Marketing Officer, Miro


A fresh experience for over 60 million collaborators.

Complete with a new strategy, visual identity, tone of voice and narrative, the re-energised Miro is a workspace where all – engineers, developers, creatives, project managers and beyond – go to create tomorrow, today, together. Which means the next big thing is just one team away.