Nike 50th Anniversary

Never Done Imagining

The journey of Nike Air, from failures to cultural force.

Nike 50 Air-PR Frame


From a controversial starting point, for an ongoing catalyst for culture.

Nike Air, as seen (and sometimes not seen) in many of Nike’s most popular shoes, is one of the most recognised and influential innovations in performance and lifestyle footwear.

Today, almost 45 years after its first appearance in the Nike Tailwind, Nike Air continues to defy not only what a shoe looks like but what a shoe can be. But there was a time when its future and success were questioned.

Never Done Imagining -thumb


The Other Side of Air: A social film.

It’s important to remember where things started, to appreciate how far they’ve come.

To bring to life the inspiration, imagination, doubts, trials, errors and playfulness that epitomised the history of Nike Air, an installation of layers of posters highlights moments in the Nike Air journey.

Like an archaeologist’s uncovering of a prized fossil, the time-lapse film shows the posters being torn away one by one by Nike Archives personnel (outfitted in bespoke DNA workwear) to reveal every twist, turn and triumph of Nike Air. The final layer teases Nike By You, inviting viewers to take ownership in the next step of the Nike Air journey.