Nike 50th Anniversary

Never Done Leaving a Mark

The journey of the Swoosh.


From a simple logo, for the next symbol of inspiration.

Designed in 1971, Nike’s Swoosh logo became a symbol for athletes of all levels worldwide to feel powerful and strong. Today, as one of the world’s most recognisable logos, it has come to mean much more, a symbol of performance and principle, innovation and reverence, creativity and change.

Nike Swoosh film thumb


Doodling: A social film.

The Swoosh was dreamed up by graphic design student Carolyn Davidson who had just a few days to draw some options. Nike co-founder Phil Knight reluctantly settled on the Swoosh for $35 (around $250 today).

Nike celebrates its history by starting at the beginning and showing what the Swoosh has become 50 years later: an icon that culture has absorbed and made its own.

Combining archival audio, photography and sketches with iterations from athletes and trailblazers, a future-facing homage to the Swoosh has been created.


The Swoosh, according to athletes.

Since the iconic logo has a unique significance for many, Nike asked athletes and others in the Nike family, including A’ja Wilson, Feng Chen Wang and Ronaldinho to create their version of the Swoosh. Seen in the film (now at 5M+ views), those creations were also shared on the athletes’ Instagram pages.