The Freedom of Flight

An identity for the future of aviation.


For as long as humans have been flying, humans have built flying machines.

Da Vinci’s bird-like ornithopters, steam-powered aerial carriages, gunpowder rockets and jet aircraft – for hundreds of years, flight has been a function of people’s capacity to invent and operate complex machines. Until now.

Los Angeles-based start-up Skyryse is ushering in a new era of human flight, one that is – for the first time in our history – machine agnostic.


Building a future in which anyone can experience the freedom of flight.

People, not planes, has become the centre of the renewed brand identity. Breaking with category norms, the brand narrative and identity shifted from technology focused to one grounded in emotion and the authentic human experience of flight.

In a 10-week creative sprint, the idea of ‘people, not planes’ guided the creation of a new and fully flexible design system spanning fonts, layouts, colour palettes, motion principles, tone of voice guidelines, imagery guidelines, product naming, a new brand symbol and interface design for Skyryse’s flagship software, FlightOS.


Skyryse launched the new brand internally and has since rolled it out across its digital touch points, aircraft livery, office branding and more.

Working with AKQA over the past two years has been an absolute pleasure. The team were instantly able to capture the emotion in a truly remarkable, visual way. I couldn’t help but smile. We look forward to continuing to work with them into the future.

David Tearse, Skyryse Head of Investor Relations