São Paulo


AKQA Casa (Home), is re-imagining the future of studios. It’s community-oriented where like-minded people from any discipline – musicians, artists, writers or performers – are welcome to co-create. This spirit also extends to clients who often sit down together in search of solutions for their briefs.

We are known for our disruptive approach to work. From songs that demand attention, a cyber shield for protected areas worldwide, to the first drink with knowledge stored in its DNA. AKQA Casa has been considered the best Brazilian agency by leaders from clients, production companies and agencies. And in 2019, was named Latin America Agency of the Year.

Although this recognition is amazing, we would say that the best thing about the studio is Mazé’s (the Casa mother) out-of-this-world pudding and brigadeiro (Brazilian fudge balls). Let us know when you’ll be dropping in for a visit so we can prepare some for you.

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