Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

A year of growth for The Perfect Host.

The Perfect Host, a vision for the global platform of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. Conceived, crafted, developed and delivered to acclaim, with momentum that remains ever moving forwards.

Since launch the website has excelled, grown, and restyled to maintain its pinnacle luxury digital experience. The story is still far from complete, and began as all transformations do – with insight.

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Maintaining legendary status.

Enviable global awareness and impeccable reputation precede Rolls-Royce, with many of Rolls-Royce’s patrons classed as the world’s ultra-high net worth individuals. Their behaviour as patrons of luxury is evolving with increasing speed and nuance, and in-turn so is Rolls-Royce’s approach towards singular products and personal customer relationships.

With patrons achieving greatness across business, technology, science and culture, why would they ever be defined by their wealth?

By reframing the audience as individuals first and foremost, Rolls-Royce can deliver hyper-personalised customer-centricity, where creativity appeals to the characteristics of each individual.

AKQA and Rolls-Royce’s long-term partnership creates a future where ‘Inspiring Greatness’ becomes both the catalyst and the goal for every interaction with a customer. A future of inspiration, education and enrichment beyond the automotive sphere.

To deliver this promise through web and social channels the Rolls-Royce global platform needed to evolve, leading to AKQA planning, creating and delivering The Perfect Host.


The Perfect Host.

An advanced digital platform that connects people, inspires intrigue, understands individuals and adapts. Created to the specific requirements of Rolls-Royce and their singular brand, the principles of the website establish a foundation for success.

Recognising our audience as individuals is key, as is understanding their changing behaviour online.

Seamless from social.

Website activity is often driven by social traffic, alongside search, media and email. Understanding these access-points is key to maintaining a seamless conversation between customer and brand, and delivering deeper storytelling that offers insight and inspiration to each individual.

The website acts as an effortless continuation of those initial conversations for millions of visitors each year, noting each individual patron’s provenance and serving content based on their behaviour. Rolls-Royce fans are entertained and enlightened, and prospective patrons are identified and pre-qualified for nurture with private one-to-one conversations.

Understanding every individual.

Privacy-first analysis on the website enables each interaction to be ranked. The most engaged users on the website are identified through their behaviour and presented with a tailored experience. From changing CTAs through to exclusive content, The Perfect Host adapts to deliver the right message for each individual.

Universal design system.

Powering the website’s ability to deliver is an all-new design system, with moments of Rolls-Royce’s unique character intrinsically woven throughout. Animations initiated during micro-interactions re-enact the surprise and delight within the cars themselves. Scrolling into pages initiates a replacement of the logo to the double-R monogram, reflecting the real-world transition from the exterior to interior of the car.

Tools and technology to deliver.

The design system has been crafted and developed using industry-leading methods and technology – honouring the legend of Rolls-Royce’s own craftsmanship. Tools include Sketch, Abstract, Flinto and InVision, in concert with a unique instance of Adobe Experience Manager. Pixel-perfect design compliments a rigorous user-experience architecture, demonstrated and tested in motion studies and interactive prototypes. Consistency, accuracy and rigour drove every design decision on the journey to delivering the website worthy of displaying the Rolls-Royce marque.


The first of many steps forward.

Since launch, the website has outperformed all Rolls-Royce’s previous digital platforms across a range of metrics. Customers spent over 44% more time on site, and most critically lead generation has risen by more than 18% year-on-year.

18% year-on-year gain in leads generated
44% increase in time on site year-on-year
10% increase in sessions year-on-year
217% year-on-year gain in brochure downloads


A rising tide lifts all ships.

With almost a year of ongoing improvements, The Perfect Host has matured into a stronger platform with each iteration. Hundreds of updates – both visible and invisible – have led to lead generation targets continuing to be excelled.

40+ platform code deployments
200+ feature updates and refinements
62% lead generation increase
76% increase in dealer searches

The Boutique.

Aftersales Accessories add further customisation to a Rolls-Royce, as well as an extra touch of ownership to a used Rolls-Royce. Historically shared with dealers and patrons through printed brochures or PDF, the process was uninspiring and difficult to maintain. Leads were lost as PDFs were not connected to CRM, version control was laborious and confusing, and the financial and environmental cost of physical brochures was not justifiable.


Perhaps the most significant increase in the scale of the platform are the 144 Dealership and Service Workshop websites integrated into the global platform, along with a multi-language upgrade.

This update shortens the distance between the Patron and Rolls-Royce, allowing content across the site to be tailored to specific regions. Patrons can now connect more quickly with their local dealer from anywhere on the global website.

This integration leverages the true power of Adobe Experience Manager. The content management system has been tailored to offer a bespoke configuration to deliver the specific needs of the brand, all developed in tandem with design and UX and the partnership of Rolls-Royce.

A refreshed identity.

Throughout all of the experience and efficiency improvements, as well as significant feature enhancements, Rolls-Royce delivered a brand refresh and update to the corporate identity.

Another expression of the stance as a luxury brand that builds automobiles, the new identity reinforces the promise of ‘Inspiring Greatness’. The website updated in kind, with the design system reflecting the new design language. The power of the universal design system allowed for a seamless update across hundreds of content pages and components.





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